Do this and change your life forever.

It sounds obvious, but its not. We still fail time and again. We never let this basic life changing truth sink to our core.

Am talking about really having those affirmations working for you.

Self help culture has over emphasized positive affirmations but has failed to address the fact that positive affirmations are only effective to the extent that we believe those words to be true.

Speaking affirmations such as ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘ I am effective in my work’ will not change anything if the moment you say those words you forget that indeed you are beautiful or effective in your work.


Positive affirmations can only work if we actually believe the things we say about ourselves using those affirmations, otherwise they will feel tiring and tasking because we are trying to coat a broken door with shiny paint and color but the inside is broken.

Our inner voice for example will say a lot about what we say to ourselves. Ultimately, we project that voice to people, but we are always the first culprits . Critical people often criticize others, but they are always the first victims. They start by criticizing themselves.

Yes, we are not perfect and we mess up a lot, but those mistakes should not end up making you critical of others and yourself.

For those affirmations to work; do these things:

Speak good things over yourself.

This means everything that concerns you, your children, your partner, your business. Words form rhythms that eventually hold, so you need to master your words and speak good over yourself.

Pay attention to the voice in your head, to the thoughts and words you speak.

Does that voice translate to ‘you are not good enough’, ‘you cannot be like so and so’, ‘this is not good enough’ etc.? Then you might be striving for perfection and falling for comparison which are in themselves dead ends to your growth. Perfectionism says, ‘this is good, but not good enough even when the art is perfect’ while comparison continuously strives to be like someone else.

Now, its good to be excellent, and its sometimes okay to see how other people are doing because it opens your heart to possibilities, but that should not make you criticize yourself. We can aim for the stars but land on the moon, and that will be great too. You can always rest a bit, enjoy the journey to the moon and then try reaching the stars.

A critical heart only recognizes that they never reached the stars and then spend the rest of their lives crying about it, forgetting the wonderful moments they had on the way there.

Speak well over those around you.

Experiments have been done using plants, to show that plants surrounded by negative environment never grow well.

We humans are like that too. Our environment is surrounded by the words we speak. A man may describe his home as peaceful not because of the structure of the house, but ultimately, because the words spoken in that house are of love, joy and peace.

This philosophy was well practiced in ancient biblical times and in the Jewish culture where parents blessed their children each morning. Eventually, the kids would grow to be phenomenal children. No wonder some of the most life changing inventions have been in ancient Israel, with Jews being some of the richest people and most successful business men and mathematicians in the world.

Speak good things over your loved ones.

Draft those affirmations but don’t just say them, believe them.

Use affirmations, yes, but its no use if you are just saying them to form a routine. Really believe them, and then only will they change your life, because they are true.

Affirmations help us become the person we truly are on the inside, and have it manifest on the outside. So, don’t throw those affirmations away, use them, but believe them first.


This is a deep subject whose practices, I mostly do not agree with. Meditation is meant to bring those life changing thoughts in sync with your core and your heart, and not to empty your mind as has been popular nowadays. Yes, you can benefit in such a way that those wrong thoughts are parsed and gotten rid of, but that might just be a side benefit.

Meditation helps us become successful, focused and mostly, we are changed from our inside out.

Unconventional. Random. Wierd. Thrilling. Spontaneous. Ambitious. Inspiring.